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Posted by admin on January 24, 2023

The Taureni Village is located next to the Boju Reservoir (also known as Voss) is a private artificial reservoir in the Babite and Marupe parish of the Marupe region. It is located in the central part of the Babite parish, south of Dzilnuciems.

A political worker of the Latvian Socialist Republic (LSSR) and the Soviet Union, the first secretary of the Central Committee of the Latvian Communist Party (CC LKP) August Voss used to rest and manage here.

You will be greeted by a picturesque panorama, healing pine air, sandy shore and clear lake water. This place is a unique corner of the Latvian nature, it is not for nothing that Lake Bozu is recognized as a protected area. Everything here breathes peace and harmony.

Imagine a place where you feel completely comfortable, where there is no place for worries and fuss, where the space itself feeds you with positive energy and surrounds you with a feeling of absolute completeness. Where the virginity of nature merges with the creations of human hands. Where every item is in its place, and there is nothing superfluous and unnecessary.

Imagine a place where modern technology complements the perfection of nature, and the wisdom of the ancients is embodied in modern forms. Where all the best is meant only for you.

Near the Taureni Village is located King’s college, International school Exupery + International school of Latvia, Outlet Village 12min by car.

All communications, solid neighbors. Physical security 24/7.


Taureņi Land

174.900 €
Plot of land in a gated Village Taureni. All communications, respectable neighbors. Physic
2,469 m2details

Land in private Village Taureni

200.000 €
Land in the closed village Taureni. All communications, solid neighbors. Physical security
2,630 m2details

Houses by the lake, Taureni

House in the gated village of Taureni. -If you want to rent or buy another house in the Ta
4 4 350 m2details

Luxury Villa in Taureni village

2.000.000 € Rent 4500€
Next to King’s college, International School Exupery + Latvian International School,
4 5 500 m2details

Taureni near Piņķi

Each house has its own cadastral number and each house is sold separately. The area of eac
3 2 245 m2details

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